Sports, Chinuch and Activities

      Campers will be astounded to see our new state of the art basketball surface, as well as fiberglass backboards and newly redone Hockey courts.

      Intense basketball and hockey leagues are a staple of Camp Kaylie and are enhanced by professional clinics and instruction.  

      Of course, there is often time for “open courts”, where campers can participate in “pick-up” games in any sport they so desire.  

      Color War, Olympics, Intercamp games and tournaments are also part of the Kaylie sports experience .



      NEW POOL
      Staffed by a team of lifeguards, Camp Kaylie’s out-door and heated pool is a great location to learn how to swim or the perfect place for fun and a relaxed swim.  

      In the Kestenbaum Lake all campers can enjoy the triumph of climbing the Kaylie iceberg . Yes, the iceberg is challenging but what a great feeling to finally get to the top and slide the other side!

      Additionally, we have an amazing fleet of kayaks, rowboats, and canoes for campers to enjoy the beautiful lake with new-found friends.

      Of course, our American Red Cross certified staff offer the highest caliber of swim instruction with the addition of lifeguarding and basic water safety skills to many groups.  

      Color War and Olympics give all campers the chance to show off their swimming and boating prowess in competitive events.

      Whether a camper or staff member, everyone is enriched at Camp Kaylie.

      All campers attend two daily inspiring shiurim from experienced and caring educators most of whom have been teaching at Camp Kaylie for several years.

      Our diverse and well known Chinuch Staff all serve as educational functionaries during the year and bring their expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to the campers at Camp Kaylie.

      Shabbos in camp is a site to behold with the ruach in the dining room serving as the highlight of the week.

      Shabbos is enhanced by inspiring contributions from campers of all abilities as well as Sichot, Shabbatot parties, “Tishes”, and Onegs.

      In addition to the study of the summer theme, shiurim concentrate on Parshat Hashavua  and Gemara.

      At a camp that instills self-growth, reflection and nurtures greater understanding and sensitivity of the abilities of all, the learning program at Camp Kaylie always stresses the Derech Eretz - especially during the 3 weeks and the 9 days leading up to Tisha B’Av.  At this time we especially concentrate on improving our speech and ways we communicate. We teach positive body image for girls, we offer leadership training to campers and counselors, and provide stimulating shiurim to various constituencies such as waiters, specialty staff and the general staff.

      Our chinuch staff pays close attention to the needs of all the campers – ascertaining any specific concerns, addressing any competitive at sporting events, and regularly interacting with campers be they at an activity, in the dining room, or during daily Tefilla.

      Several chinuch members are assigned to each minyan with one always in charge of general decorum, page announcements, and the daily D’var Torah.  

      Step into the Kaylie art room, and join the environment where creativity, imagination and fun is our motto!

      Whether its painting, metal punching, copper tooling, beading, silk painting or stained glass, you’re sure to find the media that will inspire you to create. The Kaylie art program is led by an experienced professional who continually teaches new techniques to all campers.

      Need a cold drink? An ice cream, an order of fries? All you need to do is ask our canteen staff! During the day our campers choose from a wide assortment of candies, snacks, ice creams, soups and chocolates.  Even though we are a NUT FREE camp, there is still plenty to choose from. At night our staff can choose from fries, onion rings, hot pretzels and even chicken nuggets.  

      Camp Kaylie offers a multi-faceted fitness program with a wide variety of classes, offered by certified instructors, both on land and in the water.

      Kickboxing, zumba ,step aerobics, interval training weight training and full body toning are just some of the classes offered. Not only is this extensive program offered to our campers, but we have classes at night for our staff to enjoy and stay healthy and energized for the next day!

      Where is my favorite denim skirt? I miss my mommy! I am a vegetarian-are there any veggie burgers tonight? My friend spilled punch on my shirt; can you clean it for me? Where’s the lost and found? What’s for snack? Can you sew my shirt? I REALLY need a hug! These are only some of the question/issues that the Camp Mother deals with.

      A camp mother is truly a substitute mother to the campers for the summer. We give out help and hugs with love. Camp Kaylie has two camp mothers, one for girls month and the other for boys month.

      The Kaylie Playhouse Present….DRAMA! What a wonderful way to give your child self-confidence and an opportunity to act in front of a live audience.

      All shows are child centered in nature with the crew consisting of campers as well. Being in a production provides campers an outlet for creativity and leadership as well as allowing them to form friendships that last for summers to come. Productions at Camp Kaylie will leave your child with many wonderful memories. Camp Kaylie prides itself on giving its campers a summer filled with Jewish inspiration.

      A top rate staff works hard at integrating all aspects of Jewish life. From learning Torah to history appreciation to modern day issues, a major part of that integration is the camp’s music program. Music is an integral part of a Jew’s life, and it can be clearly felt in Camp. Camp Kaylie offers its campers music classes to help them get familiar with current material, as well as classics from the past.

      The camp band plays throughout the summer, providing entertainment and ruach at Melave Malkas, pre-shabbos ruach, concerts and even at dinner. Campers are encouraged to express themselves through music, and often “sit in” with the band. In short, you can say the Drama/Music programs at camp help to provide the emotional inspiration needed to complete all the other aspects of the total “Kaylie Experience”.