Frequently Asked Questions

Is Camp Kaylie Only For Kids With Developmental Disabilities?

NO! Camp Kaylie is a groundbreaking inclusive camp for kids of ALL abilities. Typical developing campers with no developmental disabilities together with high functioning kids with developmental disabilities enjoy phenomenal programming, competitive sports and activities. Camp Kaylie offers an exhilarating and fun experience, that additionally and uniquely enriches the lives of all campers!

How Much of the Program Is Inclusive?

While significant activities will be inclusive amongst campers of all abilities, there will be those activities tailored to the specific abilities of each camper and campers will be part of competitive individual and team sports and activities as like any summer camp. The optimum facilities and exceptional programming at Camp Kaylie will ensure ALL campers enjoy a summer camp better than anything experienced before!

What Ages Is Camp Kaylie For?

Camp Kaylie will offer a separate boys and girls camp for campers between 10 and 16.

Who Is The Camp Director?

Rabbi Eli Brazil has been the Director of Camp Kaylie since 2014.

Rabbi Brazil is a leading figure in the camping industry, and has extensive experience in Camp Morasha, Camp Mesorah and as Director of Student Activities at DRS. Rabbi Brazil is additionally a hockey coach and youth leader on many levels, and has played a major role in building Camp Kaylie as the premier summer camp for children of all abilities.

Who Is The Educational Director?

Rabbi Shalom Rosner has served as the Educational Director/ Mashgiach Ruchani of the groundbreaking Camp Kaylie since its opening in Summer 2011. A graduate of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Rosner served as a member of the educational staff at Camp Mesorah for many years and later became head of educational programming. Rabbi Rosner will be offering a rich chinuch program for boys and girls, as well as shiurim and lectures to the staff, and he will act as rav hamachshir of our eruv and kitchen. Rabbi Rosner’s presence undoubtedly elevates the spiritual atmosphere at camp and imbues our campers and staff with midot tovot.

What Type of Learning Program Will Be at Camp Kaylie?

Camp Kaylie will offer campers a challenging and stimulating daily learning program that will include chavrusa programs, shiurim and parsha study.

Don’t Other Camps Already Meet the Needs of All Campers with Developmental Disabilities?

Although there are camps that meet the needs of certain developmentally disabled individuals, Camp Kaylie serves a very different population of campers with developmental disabilities who are high functioning. Additionally, unlike any other camp, Camp Kaylie is a fully inclusive camp for campers of ALL abilities. A camp for those typically developing campers with no disabilities and those campers with developmental disabilities.

What is the relation between Camp Kaylie and OHEL?

Camp Kaylie is an outgrowth of the vision of the President and Board of Directors of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services. While a division of OHEL, it will operate as in independent legal entity.